VacufloDucted Vacuum True Cyclonic Power Units

VACUFLO True Cyclonic Power Units provide sustained cleaning power by separating the dirt from the airflow without the use of bags or filters! The powerful cleaning performance of the VACUFLO True Cyclonic will not decrease as dirt accumulates.

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Model Recommended
Home Size
(sq. metres)
Sealed Vacuum
(Water Lift)

Airflow Max Lt/Sec.

Max Air
Volts Max/Avg


Level of
 TC580 up to 700 3150mm 53.3 495 240 7.8/6 25 60.7 dBA 
Dual Motor 
 up to 1100 2800mm 103.5 824 240  14.2/10.5 25 67.8 dBA 
Dual Motor 
up to 1500  3150mm 107.2 990  240  14.5/10.5 50 70.9 dBA 

*ASTM recognizes air watts as air power and is defined as "above the floor cleaning potential."
** Maximum amps refer to the potential amount of current if the power unit is running in a stand-alone situation. (no tubing or accessories attached). Average amps refer to the actual amount of current used when the power unit is in typical operation (installed, with accessories attached).
*** ASTM draft F11.50.07 test method was used to determine dBA ratings. Sound levels were measured at 2 metres from the power unit. All power units were exhausted outdoors.