Replacing/Installing your Ducted Vacuum Bag

We recommend changing your bag around every 6 months, even if it's not completely full.

This will ensure a long motor life, the best cleaning performance and reduce the chance of a bag splitting open.

Before fitting a new bag, wipe the bottom of the drum to ensure that the bottom of the drum is clear of any debris.



      Open up the folded/pleated sides of your ducted vacuum bag before fitting to ensure that it will fully expand              once in place. 

      This will give you greater service life as more of the micro-lining will be activated.




      Insert the bag over the bag adaptor, as shown, making sure you grip both the paper bag material and the                    cardboard collar.

      Pull up the bag onto the PVC bag adaptor.  Ensure the cardboard collar is pulled up past the barbs on the bag              adaptor. 

      For removal of bag, push down on cardboard collar whilst holding the bag adaptor firm. 

                                                         Do not pull on the bag as it may tear.


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