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Vroom Quick Clean

Vroom Quick Clean is ideal for quickly cleaning small spaces & dry messes in high traffic areas of your home, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Installed as part of your ducted vacuum system, or as a retrofit to your existing ducted vacuum system, its instant accessibility makes it a great addition to your regular vacuuming.

The Vroom Quick Clean comes with an adjustable Wand, a Floor/Rug tool and the hose end doubles as a Crevice tool.

  • The Wand adjusts from 50cm to 75cm.
  • The Floor/Rug tool cleans mats, carpet or hard floor surfaces with ease. Use the bristles on hard floor surfaces and slide the bristles off to clean small rugs & upholstery.
  • The hose handles doubles as a Crevice tool, so quick clean ups are easy.
  • The hose has a reach of 5 metres.

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