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SilentMaster S2

SilentMaster ducted vacuums are manufactured in the United States by MD Manufacturing Inc. Based in Bakersfield, California they have been manufacturing ducted vacuums for over 45 years and are one of the worlds leading producers of built-in ducted vacuum systems. The company manufactures units under various brand names, of which, SilentMaster® is the premium product.

The moment you put your Silent Master to use you'll know why it was named SilentMaster. Yes, it's true that all ducted systems are quieter because the power unit is located outside the living area. But the SilentMaster power unit is so quiet it could be mounted inside the living area. In fact, recent tests have shown it to be more quiet than most popular portables -- yet still 3 to 5 times more powerful! All thanks to a new, patented, innovative, acoustical design created by the makers of Silent Master.

And that is just one of the many advantages of owning a SilentMaster Ducted Vacuum Cleaning System. If you live in a townhouse, flat or estate, or any place where space is at a premium, you'll love the "silent" in SilentMaster. If you live in a conventional home -- you'll love it even more, and everyone will especially love to use it.

Each SilentMaster unit is made of 20-gauge steel, electronically spot-welded for strength and lifelong durability, then coated with a baked-on, high gloss enamel finish. All system parts and electrical components are the finest available.

Finally, the 'Silent' is put into SilentMaster with an innovative design for acoustically insulating the motors in their own housing...all without affecting power or performance.

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