Do It Yourself Installation Guide

Ducted Vacuum systems can be installed in new homes under construction, existing homes or homes undergoing renovation.

Generally, most homes require 1 hose connection point for each 8 to 10 squares (75 to 90 sq. metres) of living space. With a hose length between 9 and 12 metres, this will provide appropriate coverage.

In an existing home, a simple way to work out the best location, and total number, of hose connection points is to simulate the ducted vacuum hose with a length of rope, an extension cord, or some other flexible material of a known length. SImply walk around with one end of the rope, whilst some else holds the other end up to a wall where the point may be located.

For a new home under construction, you can acheive a similair outcome by using your 1:100 scale building plans and a 9 to 12 cm piece of string to simulate the ducted vacuum hose.

All DIY kits supplied by The Ducted Vacuum Centre come with comprehensive installation instructions to ensure your project goes to plan.

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